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The Netomi Conversational AI integrates intent and entity detection alongside knowledge search to deliver an unparalleled and integrated conversational experience – on any channel. One of the most important reasons for using AI in the call centre is that it can help drive different behaviours. If humans can free up their time in answering and administrating simple queries, they have a greater opportunity to think smart. Businesses will then change their focus to resolving the root cause of why customers are having to call in to begin with, rather than simply handling the queries. At a more local level, food companies like Dominos, Pizza Hut and McDonalds can now provide a full online service.

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Machine Learning is a form of AI that involves giving machines access to sources of data and having them “learn” the information without being explicitly programmed. Customer service generates large amounts of reasonably structured data, e.g., customers asking questions and support teams answering those AI Customer Service questions. AI Takes Marketing to the Next Level One of the biggest emerging use cases for AI in customer service is AI-enhanced marketing. When it comes to AI-assisted human agent model, LivePerson as a customer service platform provider delivers appreciable results, increasing efficiency by 35%.

AI in customer service means 24/7 availability around the globe in any language, which inevitably attracts new customers and increases customer satisfaction. Service efficiency is the highest performance in meeting human needs or the productivity of equipment, methods, actions or processes to achieve maximum gain with minimum inaccuracy, resource waste, strength or procedures. An organization can be economically efficient if it increases profit, decreases expenses and maximizes customer service and satisfaction at the same time (Mariano, 2007; Houaiss, 2001; Tauile & Debaco, 2002). All productivity and efficiency actions that seek an organization’s financial and market evolution are part of business innovation activities. “AI can extend this capability to predict emotion and intent to make the perfect match and discover the best opportunities for downstream automation,” explains Traba about this use case. And this learning can extend to deliver a great experience, even to those customers who never interact directly with a customer service agent.

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How does AI improve customer service?

Offers personalized customer service

AI approaches such as predictive analysis, and machine learning can identify common customer complaints and offer insight into what causes problems. Using this data, businesses can fix these issues by implementing AI-based solutions at several customer touchpoints.